Business Intelligence

From the early ’80s, I was groomed into financial analysis in the Commercial Real Estate Business. I was originally tasked with producing analysis by hand, was handed a mortgage amortization book (they were not available on a computer yet), and produced financial documents showing deposits, mortgage fees, closing costs, loan amortization, tax rebates, depreciation, and rental income to produce detailed carry costs with which to project budgeting against. The owners and accountant would advise on correct accounting procedures, and we would fine-tune the numbers to evaluate multi-million dollar transactions. From this, I began to develop sophisticated spreadsheets and analysis software. Having had to study Amortization Tables, I rebuilt the tables with formulas and was able to revise and tweak packages for financing in minutes, where it could previously take days.

In 1998, I was awarded person of the year (normally SalesPerson of the year) for analyzing and breaking down leases, expenses, and NOI for a 1 million square foot office park, resulting in a sale that earned the company over $5 million dollars in commission. I was officially given the title of Financial Analyst and was available to provide detailed financial packages to assist salespeople in closing transactions. I was tasked to hire and manage 2 additional people to help maintain the network and database systems.

Over the course of the next 20 years, I went on to develop a comprehensive property management system for multi-tenanted office complexes, abstracting leases and expenses, and building projection models. These models were used by banks and investors when evaluating purchases and financing. On numerous occasions, I was subcontracted to national banks because I could produce financial packages tailored to how the board needed to review them, and produce them faster than the banks’ own staff.

As a programmer with experience creating Print and Graphic drivers, I enhanced all of the reports with advanced graphics at a time when computers only printed text in 1 font. This advanced level of analysis was a huge advantage. It became one of my biggest selling features as I worked with larger and larger Real Estate firms until I was running national transactions out of NYC.

Having built a niche in Data Analysis, I had extensive models built in Lotus 1-2-3. Eventually, Microsoft Excel took the market for spreadsheets, and I did an extensive full re-education in Excel. This brought me to Visiontron where I had an opportunity to do it all again with new technology and systems built for Web Deployment. I have detailed knowledge of Power BI, Pivot Tables, Excel Database Modeling, and SQL integration, Interactive Dashboards, DAX, and Tableau. I have an extensive VBA background and an intimate knowledge of business economics. I can produce live charts and graphs in a variety of mediums and have advanced SQL skills to pull and shape data for analysis. I welcomed the opportunity to help implement numerous capabilities to the ERP system, including a ReactJS reporting front end, and advanced purchasing and Bill of Materials analysis.