Let’s get acquainted!

This site has been designed to both discuss and demonstrate capabilities. My 40 years of experience comes with more than a list of skills; it comes with firsthand knowledge of how to get the job done. I enjoy working with a dedicated and motivated team, and while it’s nice to be appreciated, I’ve grown past the stage of needing appreciation and recognition and prefer instead to pass it to the team.

Out of habit, when working on projects, I refer to what WE did and what WE accomplished, even when it has been pointed out that I was the only person on the project. When someone makes a mistake, and causes an issue, I prefer to say WE made an error, and how do WE fix it?

While this site has been built with the WordPress engine, because I have a real appreciation for the framework, I elected to make this particular site with no Theme and no Plugins. Most of the PHP, HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, and ReactJS Gutenberg Block components were hand coded, by me, for the sole purpose of demonstrating that. The plugin I created as a repository for the hand coded blocks I used, is available on GitHub

That being said, I am well versed at Front-Ends, but my Architecture, Design and Back-End Skills still dwarf my Front-End skills. I’m extremely experienced with SQL, advanced queries, and using them to build robust APIs as well as business intelligence. I also have advanced Excel skills, including ADO, VBA, DAX, Data Modelling, Pivot Tables, Power BI, VLOOKUPs, Index/Match and Interactive Graphic Dashboards.

Working for Banks and Investors, I have crafted hundreds of financial analysis models, and performed countless income and expense audits, to assist with financing, planning, and long term investment models.

As an experienced Senior developer, the breadth of my background allows me to plan, tackle and complete large-scale systems right down to the smallest detail. I don’t get stumped by problems, and instead, have half a dozen approaches for solving them in my back pocket at all times. I approach each challenge from the perspective that if it CAN be humanly done, then I’m on the short list of people that can do it. If I don’t know it already, I will consume volumes of new course material to obtain necessary knowledge to properly round out my understanding.

The additional education section on my Resume should be an indication of how I feel about keeping current with my skills. I believe in working through all the lessons with my sleeves rolled up, and if I don’t understand it, and can’t get it to work as intended, I make sure that I go back and fill in the gaps until I’m comfortable enough to teach it, and I’m always happy to share and help.

Whether you are looking for a Solutions Architect, an ERP Analyst, or a Database Architect or Admin, I look forward to stepping in and taking ownership, even if mine is only a support role.