About Me

With over 35 years of work experience, I am a database and web development expert who is passionate about building and integrating data solutions for Visiontron, a leading company in the people guidance industry. I have a strong background in PHP, SQL, React, WordPress, Crystal Reports, and Power BI, and I enjoy creating custom applications, reports, and dashboards that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes and operations. I am motivated by the mission of Visiontron to provide innovative and high-quality products and services that help customers manage crowds, queues, and safety in various settings. I value teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning, and I strive to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the projects I work on.

In my current role as a Database Administrator / Full Stack Developer at Visiontron, I have built a secondary database to supplement the Sage 300 ERP system, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server. I have designed an extensive SQL query library, including stored procedures and triggers, to perform various data analysis and manipulation tasks. I have also designed and created reports using multiple platforms, such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Business Intelligence, and a custom PHP, JavaScript, React delivery system. Additionally, I have installed and implemented Apache WAMP and LAMP stack systems for internal intranet content delivery, and integrated FedEx and UPS shipping systems with Sage 300 using API integration. Furthermore, I have designed, built, and launched company websites, including Visiontron.com and CrowdControlStore.com, using WordPress as a core platform, and set up and configured ecommerce with credit card processing. I have successfully delivered multiple data solutions that have improved the performance, functionality, and usability of the Visiontron systems and websites.

I am also a member of MENSA, with an IQ in the top 1%. I enjoy writing, music and have a great love for the outdoors.