Extended Resume



Highly skilled full stack software developer with extensive backend and data management experience. Over 35 years of experience in developing scalable, high-performance web applications. Proficient in a wide range of technologies, with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. Strong background in designing, developing, and maintaining complex systems and applications, with expertise in front-end and back-end development. Highly skilled in problem-solving and critical thinking, with a passion for creating user-friendly and efficient software. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with experience working in cross-functional teams and managing stakeholders.

Core Competenciesdown
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Detail
  • Adaptability
  • Learning Mindset
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Customer Service
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Business Acumen
Technical Skillsdown

Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer / Web Developer – HTML, CSS, SASS, FLEXBOX, GRID, JavaScript, React, React Native, Angular, Bootstrap. Node.js, PHP, AJAX, Laravel, C, C++, API, SOAP and REST design and integration.  

Back End Design for server data handling and delivery. – 35 years of Database Design and Architecture experience, provides for robust Back End support for all applications. Highly Skilled in SQL Query Design in it’s various flavors. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Postgress, MySQL, MariaDB, Transact-SQL, xQuery  and SOQL.

Data Warehousing concepts and technologies, Performance tuning and optimization, Backup and recovery procedures, Version control systems, Data security and privacy standards and protocols, catastrophic data recovery planning. Data Archival, RAID Redundancy, and Security.

Encryption Software, RSA, Elliptical Curve, HASHING, Token Authentication, OAuth 2.0

Windows Development – Application design in C/C++ using the Microsoft Windows SDK Object Library, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Mobile Application Development – Google Android.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics – Queries, Reporting, Charts, Graphs, Interactive Dashboards, (BI) Business Intelligence, Power Query, Microsoft Power BI, Excel Spreadsheets, Crystal Reports, VBA, SQL, Accounting and Financial Analysis.

WordPress Development – Intimate understanding of the WordPress Engine Back End Architecture. Plugin and Theme design with PHP, JavaScript, bootstrap React and MySQL. WooCommerce, eCommerce, Automated Social Publishing/Facebook/Twitter, Web Scraping, Newsletters, eCommerce, Twilio Texting, SMTP eMail handling and credit card processing.

Web Analytics, and Marketing – Google Analytics, Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed, Ads, SEO. 

Development and Integration for the full suite of Microsoft Office Applications using OLE, VBA, OBDC, SMTP and other integrations.  (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Office365, Access, Power Point )

Server Management – cPanel, SSL, Threat Protection, rewrite engine, Apache, WAMP and LAMP Stacks. DOS, DOS shell script, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT,  Red Hat, , Shell script, Ubuntu, UNIX, UNIX Shell, Debian 

Version Control – Git, Git Hub, Git Lab, Git Kracken,

Network/Systems Engineer – Network protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, SNMP), Routing and switching (Cisco, Juniper, BGP, OSPF, MPLS), Network security (Firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS, NAT, ACLs), Network performance analysis and troubleshooting, Virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM), Cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), Linux/Unix system administration, Windows server administration, Scripting languages ( Bash, Perl), Network monitoring and management tools (SolarWinds, Nagios, Wireshark), Storage technologies (SAN, NAS, RAID), Disaster recovery and business continuity planning, Network automation and orchestration (Ansible, Puppet, Chef), Collaborative tools and software (JIRA, Confluence, Slack)

Professional Experiencedown
2018 – PresentDatabase Administrator/ Full Stack Developer, Visiontron – Holtsville, NYdown
2008 – 2018Financial Analyst / Software Developer / Business Intelligence –  Windsor Commercial Real Estate – Westbury, NYdown
  • Designed and created cutting edge Financial Analysis Packages for projections of income and expenses for sophisticated multi-tenanted real estate investment transactions using, Excel, VBA and Power BI to create comprehensive dashboards. 
  • Met with accountants and portfolio analysts for major banks, including Dime, Washington Mutual, First National Bank of Chicago, to discuss GAAP requirements, depreciation and statistical market performance to conduct RISK management. Produced Detailed and quality data analysis that helped secure numerous accounts with large equity holders.
  • Created multi asset short-term and long-term data models and projections enabling stakeholders to successfully secure institutional financing.
  • Designed and coded interactive contact and listing data system to push notifications of suitable properties to correct clients, based on interview criteria using C/C++, SQL and Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  • Lead team conducting lease and expense audits.
  • Lead the implementation of ETL processes to integrate data from multiple sources to populate data system.
  • Managed all salespeople and Employees and oversee day to day business operations.
  • Managed website content using WordPress CMS and ensured that it adhered to web accessibility standards and SEO best practices.
  • Managed data governance and security policies, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
2006 – 2008IT Director / Developer  Whitman-Newmark  – Melville & NYC, NYdown
  • Designed and implemented network infrastructure solutions to meet business requirements.
  • Configured and maintained Cisco routers and switches, firewalls, and load balancers.
  • Monitored network performance and identified and resolved issues using network monitoring tools.
  • Maintained network security by implementing and enforcing security protocols and policies.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams to ensure that network infrastructure aligned with business goals and requirements.
  • Designed and implemented DataBases to manage property and owner information..
  • Created comprehensive Contact Management system for use in Emails, Correspondence, and Marketing.
1996 – 2006Computer and Data Systems Manager, Sutton & Edwards – Lake Success, NYdown

Sutton and Edwards, where I was hired to do a full computerization. This included research and purchase of 50 desktops, wiring the entire office for Cat5 and configuring server and client systems to finish up the network. I installed and trained staff on Lotus 1-2-3 and AmiPro, before Microsoft Word and Excel were release, and later converted and trained on Microsoft Products. Sutton was a much bigger company, with about 50 employees, and they handled major investment acquisitions for Banks and REITS. At this time, Windows was taking over and the entire Customer and Listing system was rewritten for Windows, using C, Windows SDK with a DBIII Engine. DBIII was later swapped out for SQL.  In addition, all of the original financial analysis software I built also got a major overhaul, now analyzing full NOI’s of multi-tenanted properties for Investor and Bank Financing. In 1998 I was awarded person of the year ( normally SalesPerson of the year ) for analyzing and breaking down leases, expenses and NOI for 1 million square foot office park, resulting in a sale that earned the company over $5 million dollars in commission.  I was officially given the title of Financial Analyst, and was available to provide detailed financial packages to assist salespeople in closing transactions. I was tasked to hire and manage 2 additional people to help maintain the network and database systems

1992 – 1996Software Engineer, Raish Enterprise / RVC Services – Plainview, NY down

Raish sold custom software solutions and were responsible for the original systems installation at Generation Realty. After seeing the software I had designed and built, they hired me to work on a contract basis coding what would be later be referred to as enterprise management systems. Complete custom business data solutions. The Senior VP of Raish left, and kept me on.

At this point, I was going in to companies and spending 2 weeks there, interviewing managers and staff to document business flow in the office. We designed coded and installed the new system, recreating all necessary hand written forms as computer generated forms, and trained and supported staff on their new system. I also was contracting for a company called RVC Systems that had custom software for hospital and doctors. I was not on the coding team, but I handled installation and support at Hospitals around the NYC area.

1984 – 1992Computer Department Manager, Generation Real Estate, Inc.  – Melville, NYdown

Computer Department Manager, Managed and trained a team of 3 people providing data solutions and reporting for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. I handled interviews and hiring and trained 2 of them to be programmers. I designed and coded a customer data system with automated rotating reminders, to prompt salespeople to regular contact, prospecting, and moving transactions to sales closing. I also created an extensive real estate listing system, before such systems were commercially available, and created advanced search algorithms to match detailed client specifications with an inventory of available space for lease and sale. In addition, I designed advance financial transaction analysis software, to better project carry costs of real estate holdings to assist with acquisition financing.


Regents High School Diploma ( Math & German), Northport, NY High School 1984
98 percentile High Scool Graduates Nationwide, accelerated Math, Science and Reading.
Basic Programming Language

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science / SUNY New Paltz – New Paltz New York 1988
COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Unix. SuperCalc, DataStar, Visual Basic.
Minor Music Theory

1988 – C Programming Language, NetOS, custom print drivers, and disk utilities. Compilers ridiculously expensive !
1989 – C++, DBase IV, FoxPro, QPro4. Time of Modems. Learned to write transfer protocols, programmatically handle TCPIP.
1990 – Wild West of computer Graphics. Custom Video Graphic Drivers with Multi-User enterprise database systems.
1992 – Began Windows Development in C++ using Microsoft C++ Foundation classes and SDK. Lotus123 and Ami Pro were my sweethearts.
…WYSIWYG was the buzz word.
1992 – Abandoned DBase IV Which had a problem corrupting indexes. Designed my own DataBase system using a Binary Tree indexing system.
1993 – The Internet was the new talking point.
Psychologist administered Wechlser IQ test, with score qualifying for MENSA.
1995 – Learned HTML, FontStyles, TrueType. Windows 95, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel came out.
( boo. The Lotus tools were so much better, but Microsoft had the HYPE. Start Me Up! )
1998 – Married, Went to Germany and got to test my college language skills.
1999 – Started learning SQL as it began to become more widely used. Oracle was the buzzword.
2000 – Y2K Bug! .. nah, just kidding. Nothing happened.
2001 – It is the age of Internet … but there are no websites yet. 9-11 changes the world
… no… Birth of my Son Changes the world!
2002 – Saas and strict licensing starts to become incredibly annoying, forcing monthly subscriptions for major applications.
2013 – End of Lotus 123 Forces me to dive into the Microsoft Suite of products. Lynda.com to the rescue.
2014 – Heavy intro into Excel. 15 years of spreadsheets to rewrite.
2015 – Udemy Journey begins, as cataloged below.

2015 – PresentAdditional Training and Udemy 1,200+ Working Course Hoursdown
21 total hoursdown

15.5 total hoursdown

11 total hoursdown

2.5 total hoursdown

13 total hoursdown

4.5 total hoursdown

7.5 total hoursdown

4 total hoursdown

2.5 total hoursdown

16 total hoursdown

28 total hoursdown

This is a GREAT course!

17 total hoursdown

Really dry and instructional, but such an important tool. I LOVE Gitkraken.

2 total hoursdown

The course was great. Incorporating ChatGPT as a tool … priceless.

13.5 total hoursdown

Intensive course. I also pulled Jira out of this, very useful.

34 total hoursdown

3.5 total hoursdown

This software has not been updated in 20 years. Never a fan.

9 total hoursdown

14.5 total hoursdown

68.5 total hoursdown

Weeks of intensive course work. 321 Lectures, but Jonas is an excellent instructor.

42.5 total hoursdown

I’m really happy I took this before WordPress Full Site Editing !

3.5 total hoursdown

Ajax, Fetch and API’s. A golden nugget in the arsenal of tools.

3 total hoursdown

SASS Animations left me with questions, this course helped answer.

20 total hoursdown

19 total hoursdown

C++ Was my intro to OOP, but I was looking to round the PHP toolbox.

2.5 total hoursdown

This formed the core foundation of the Dataset plugin.

1.5 total hoursdown

4.5 total hoursdown

1.5 total hoursdown

My introduction to Twilio. The Tonto plugin was developed from this.

17 total hoursdown

Proper API design. This was too important not to do right. Intro to Postman tools, too.

29.5 total hoursdown

This course is regularly updated and I have retaken it 4 times over the last 8 years. Most recently the entire course was changed for Full Site Block Development.

3 total hoursdown

8.5 total hoursdown

15.5 total hoursdown

The math and cryptography were invaluable. I approached it with Javascript.