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A Custom WordPress theme or a custom WoooCommerce theme (if you have an online store), will be distinct from those of your competitors, since it has its own unique design that showcases your business, and that contributes to better brand recognition, customer engagement, and, consequently, better sales.


WordPress Widgets are blocks of code — static, dynamic, or a combination of both — which can be added to any specific area of your WordPress site. There are many built-in widgets in WordPress — such as tag cloud and categories — but Archangel Media produces a host of specialize widgets designed to deliver dynamic user experiences.


A plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program, enhancing its capabilities. Archangel is in the business of making powerful utilities in simple plugin packages. The real power behind our whole suite of products is the PDO-DataSet plugin, which forms the basis for all of our products to communicate seemlessly with one another.

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The cutting edge does not leave the road with WordPress. Our team are experts at applications for desktops and apps for Android and Apple. We have a collection of secure communications tools that keep your conversations private. That’s hard to say these days, when everyone is listeining in on all your favorite chat apps. Just say no to invasion of privacy.

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